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Here at PixelTome, we’re always looking for new contributions. If you think you have an idea worth writing about, or if you simply want to suggest something for us to cover, please do contact us via the form below, or email us at pixeltome@outlook.com. Equally, if you’re a publisher or creator with a request for us, want to talk business, or would like to see your product reviewed on our site, our inbox is always open. Feel free to get in touch if you’d just like a chat, too – we don’t bite, and we’d love to hear from you!

Current Vacancies:

  • PixelTome Staff Writer

Contact us via the form below, telling us about yourself, your interests, your writing experience and your aims and goals if you were successful in your application to join us at PixelTome. The more detail, the better – we want to get a good picture of who you are, and what motivates you! A portfolio or an example piece of work should be attached via the ‘link’ field so that we can get a feel for your style of writing, too; if you have none to provide, or have works in print but not online, feel free to still get in touch. It’s not the extent of your experience which necessarily matters to us, but the quality of your work!

Please note that our Staff Writers positions are unpaid, and our existing writers work on a voluntary basis. 

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