A couple of days ago, Kingdom Hearts fans such as myself were treated to another short sneak-peek at the franchise’s upcoming instalment, Kingdom Hearts III, in the form of a one minute-long trailer. The trailer (see below) showcases the new ‘Classic Kingdom’, and in it Sora is seen to be playing a handheld games console which seems to be heavily-inspired by the old LCD games from the Game & Watch era.

It is nice to see what the Giantland art that was spotted at D23 Japan was all about, as well as seeing love for several other old cartoons, such as Musical Farmer. I have the feeling that this will serve as the hub for Kingdom Hearts III‘s main minigames, so we might not actually see the Winnie-the-Pooh Hundred Acre Wood this time around. Either way, this could be what makes completing Jiminy’s Journal for the trophy/achievement list a nightmare.

The other things to note from this trailer all revolve around Sora’s surroundings. This trailer appears to take place within the Tram Common area of Twilight Town, as given away by the synthesis store to the right, with the coloured pipes on the roof. One interesting change is that the accessory store sign has now changed. The new sign appears to refer to Gummi ship parts, suggesting that we will once again be able to buy new Gummi ship parts, as we did in the original Kingdom Hearts game.

Finally, this trailer gives us our first glimpse at returning NPCs (non-playable characters) Hayner, Pence, and Olette. For those of you who don’t remember, this trio were first introduced in Kingdom Hearts II, and were friends with both Sora and Roxas.

Image: Square Enix / Disney Interactive

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