Any fellow Marvel fans with Twitter accounts might have noticed a rather amusing (and incredibly exciting) conversation between Marvel Studios’ official Twitter account and Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. yesterday evening, regarding the upcoming latest Avengers film, Infinity War. From the looks of the conversation, Mr. Stark himself has been pulling some strings, and has finally been able to share his efforts with the world.

The conversation, albeit a rather amusing publicity stunt, is essentially the official announcement that the release date for Avengers: Infinity War has been brought forward around the world from May 4th to April 27th. This is due to the fact that the Tony Stark  actor himself asked to see it earlier – with friends, of course – and after Marvel listed several other stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe asking, “You mean these friends?”, Downey Jr. simply responded with, “The entire world?”. Marvel subsequently responded that that was a ‘fantastic’ idea, and the conversation ended with Marvel announcing the new global release date as being April 27th.

You can read the full conversation as it unfolded below:

Image: Robert Downey Jr. & Marvel Studios / Twitter

Honestly, at this point, like many others, I am barely able to contain my excitement for Avengers: Infinity War. I know that I’ll be going to see the film as soon as I can, and thanks to everyone’s favourite Mr. Stark, I won’t have to wait as long.

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