Earlier this week, Numskull Designs announced two new exclusive merchandise ranges in collaboration with games publishers Ubisoft and Bandai Namco Entertainment to celebrate their upcoming releases of Far Cry 5 (2018) and Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (2018) respectively. Both ranges feature a variety of different products, including drawstring bags, pin badges and caps, and all of them sport unique and innovative designs which give fans of the games the opportunity to represent the games they love in style.

These two new ranges will become available on the same day as their respective games’ release dates – i.e. March 27th for Far Cry 5 and March 23rd for Ni no Kuni: Revenant Kingdom – so you’ll be able to pick up your game(s) and some cool swag at the same time. You can find out all about Far Cry 5 and Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom and their respective ranges from Numskull Design’s products below, and be sure to tweet to Numskull Designs over at @NumskullDesigns to let them know if there are any products that you’re excited for!

Far Cry 5 (2018)


About Far Cry 5:

Welcome to Hope County, Montana, home to a fanatical doomsday cult known as The Project at Eden’s Gate that is threatening the community’s freedom. Stand up to the cult’s leader, Joseph Seed and the Heralds, and spark the fires of resistance that will liberate the besieged community.

In this expansive world, your limits and creativity will be tested against the biggest and most ruthless baddest enemy Far Cry has ever seen. It’ll be wild and it’ll get weird, but as long as you keep your wits about you, the residents of Hope County can rest assured you’re their beacon of hope.

Source: Ubisoft’s Official Far Cry 5 Game Page

Numskull Designs’ exclusive Far Cry 5 range, in collaboration with Ubisoft:

This exclusive range includes a variety of caps and hats (including a rather fetching blue Hope County trucker cap), a set of eight pin badges in a Cult Bible-inspired case, a set of four magnets, two drawstring bags (one featuring the Hope County logo, and the other the Cult logo) and a Cult keychain.

With this range, there’s sure to be something for everyone, right from hardcore fans of Far Cry to newcomers to the series. You can either be loud and proud wearing one of the caps outdoors, or else more subtle, with a simple badge (or eight) pinned to your chest. The loving attention to detail on all of these products is seriously impressive, and picks up on some of the game’s recurring motifs of home pride and patriotism, resistance and – apparently – alcoholic beverages.

The full range can be viewed and pre-ordered here on the Numskull Designs website, and you can check it out below, too:

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Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (2018)

Bandai Namco Entertainment

About Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom:

Ni no Kuni II: REVENANT KINGDOM tells the charming and tragic tale of Evan, a boy prince who learns how to become a leader with the help of the quirky characters he meets on his journey to rebuild his kingdom.

With music by renowned composer Joe Hisaishi and designs by animation artist Yoshiyuki Momose, stunning visuals recreate the world of Ni no Kuni to immerse players in a vibrant, animated land full of adventure.

Source: Numskull Designs (Press Release)

Numskull Designs’ exclusive Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom range, in collaboration with Bandai Namco Entertainment:

This exclusive range includes a limited-edition set of 13 pin badges, two differently-designed drawstring bags, a heat-reactive mug, a world map-designed mug,  a set of 12 charms, two t-shirts and two raglan t-shirts with unique designs, and a whole host of keychains and magnets.

Captivating the colourful nature of the game, its incredibly varied character cast and the core gameplay behind the Ni no Kuni series, this collection of products certainly looks to cater for all of the game’s fans, young or old.

The full range can be viewed and pre-ordered here on the Numskull Designs website, and you can check it out below, too:

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What do you think of the ranges, and what do you think of Far Cry 5 and Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom as a whole? Will you be picking up either when March comes around? Let us know down in the comments, and be sure to follow us here at PixelTome over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to stay up-to-date with all the latest news about Far Cry and Ni no Kuni.