Fans of the world’s most famous spinning marsupial have been getting excited this week after rumours circulating on the worldwide web made several interesting claims about the future adventures of Crash Bandicoot. After how successful the N. Sane Trilogy was with very little effort needed in the marketing department, it comes as no surprise that ol’ tornado pants himself is possibly getting a new burst of life – but what exactly did the rumours say, and what can we expect from the mischievous mammal in the near future?

Image: PlayStation / YouTube

According to ResetEra, the spring release of Licensing Source Book Europe (a licensing trade publication) originally included an interview with GB Eye, a licensing company based in the UK, who revealed that Activision, the current owner of the Crash Bandicoot production rights, has begun making some major plans for the future of the orange critter after the N. Sane Trilogy was named the number-one best-selling remaster collection of all time on PlayStation 4. These plans reportedly include additional releases of the N. Sane Trilogy on the Nintendo Switch and on PC, though interestingly (and unfortunately, if true) an Xbox One release was not mentioned, so anyone hoping for a release on Microsoft’s latest console may be out of luck this time around.

Image: Max Publishing / Issuu (via ResetEra)

Activision have neither confirmed nor denied these rumours as of yet, but the details discussed in this article have now been edited out of the publication completely – so could there have been a potentially revealing Freudian slip?

The now-removed interview with GB Eye stated that, in addition to seeing ports for the Switch and PC, Activision are not only developing a new title slated for release in 2019 but are also in the process of establishing a five year plan for the future of the Crash Bandicoot franchise. GB Eye reportedly went on to add that they are “delighted to be fully on board for all products”, and given that GB Eye currently work alongside Activision to promote and sell Destiny merchandise, they can be considered a somewhat reliable source of information, despite their interview being withdrawn.

Crash 2
Image: Activision / YouTube

So what do you guys think? Excited at the prospect of a new Crash Bandicoot title? Will it be a new title, or could it be the highly demanded Crash Team Racing remaster that fans have been plaguing the fan pages for? Personally, I will buy this trio of games again if it means I can play them whilst travelling, but no matter what it is, so long as we get a good new Crash Bandicoot title, here’s one fan who is looking forward to more power crystal-grabbing mayhem in the future. Be sure to follow us here at PixelTome over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up-to-date with all the latest news about Crash Bandicoot‘s adventures.