Brace yourself, Squid Kids, because Nintendo have announced in a post over on their official Splatoon UK Facebook page that another new weapon is joining Splatoon 2′s already-extensive roster tomorrow morning: the Custom Goo Tuber.

This customised yet visually-identical (bar the added brand logo on the ink tank) Goo Tuber model features, rather than Suction Bombs as its sub weapon and Splashdown as its special ability like for its standard counterpart, Curling Bombs as its sub weapon and the Inkjet special.

Image: The Official Splatoon UK Facebook Page / Nintendo

Given the nature of the Custom Goo Tuber as a relatively close-range charger, skill and patience will be a must – but the rewards of using it successfully, along with the satisfaction of using Curling Bombs and the Inkjet to your advantage against your enemies, are sure to be worth the effort!

Will you be giving the Custom Goo Tuber a try ahead of Saturday’s Gherk-OUT VS. Gherk-IN Splatfest? Let us know down in the comments, and be sure to follow us here at PixelTome over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest Splatoon 2 news and updates.