The first trailer for Ricoshot Games’ debut title, Deflection Dimension, has finally been released over on YouTube and their official website. Ricoshot Games are a brand-new indie games development studio, consisting of a five-person team – Yen-My Phung, Kieran Howlett, Shahbaz Siddiqui, Jack Tacey and Connor Rutchenkov – based in Sheffield in the United Kingdom. Their official website states that they are dedicated to creating games that are ‘fantastic, fresh, and most importantly, fun’ – and Deflection Dimension looks to be a game that will be just that.

Deflection Dimension is described by Ricoshot Games as a “2D, top down, dungeon crawler, in which you must progress through various themed, randomly generated levels in order find a way to get back home”. In it, you play as Tim, a young boy who gets sucked through a portal he finds in his grandparents’ attic and ends up stuck in the Deflection Dimension; with only your trusted magic mirror friend, Speculo, to help you by automatically deflecting incoming enemy projectiles and attacks, you must fight off countless enemies, overcome various environments and solve a variety of puzzles in order to progress and ultimately – hopefully – return to your former dimension.

Deflection Dimension is to release later this year in 2018, with numerous modes, difficulty levels and features to be available – including a multiplayer endless mode, which will allow for co-operative play as well as individual adventures in the Deflection Dimension. It will release on numerous platforms, including PC (via Steam) and Mobile, and although the cost hasn’t been revealed as yet, it is confirmed that the game won’t be free to play. However, as the game was shown off at Sumo Digital’s Riverside Games Night 2.0 on the 24th of January and received lots of positive feedback, it can be expected that it will be worth every penny.

You can check out the official first trailer for the game above, and you can read more about Deflection Dimension on its official game page on Ricoshot Games’ website, on Ricoshot Games’ official Twitter page and Facebook page, and on their YouTube channel. Will you be giving Deflection Dimension a try when it releases later this year? Be sure to let us know down in the comments, and follow us here at PixelTome over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to stay up-to-date with all the latest news about Deflection Dimension.