It’s the moment that American fans of Derek Landy’s best-selling Skulduggery Pleasant series have been waiting for: the full series is finally going to be published in the United States, with the first three books – Skulduggery PleasantPlaying With Fire and The Faceless Ones – set to become available in bookstores as early as May 2018.

Derek Landy himself announced the news in a series of tweets (starting with this one) on his personal Twitter page, stating that ‘in May, we’ll be re-releasing the first three in the States with brand new covers, and by the end of the year, all nine will be available’. After all, the first three Skulduggery Pleasant books had previously been released in the United States, but due to poor sales and a lack of fans at the time of their publication, the rest had not followed suit – until now.

Pictured below, the ‘brand new covers’ for the first three Skulduggery Pleasant books are simplistic, colourful, and drastically different to any of the series’ previous cover designs that have come before them. In his tweets, Landy explains that there are a ‘number of reasons’ for this drastic change in cover style, but that it is mainly down to the fact that ‘markets are different, and you’ve got to appeal to young readers and not scare away their parents who might think the book is unsuitable’.

New American Skulduggery Pleasant book covers
Image: HarperCollins Publishers

As such, it can be expected that the rest of the books in the series will have equally stylised and minimalistic covers. Although the release dates of these later books are currently unknown, they are guaranteed to be this year according to Landy’s tweets, and the preorder pages for Skulduggery PleasantPlaying With Fire and The Faceless Ones on the HarperCollins website all state their simultaneous release date: May 1st, 2018.

More information about the re-release of the first three Skulduggery Pleasant titles in the United States and details about how to preorder them can be found on HarperCollins’ official Skulduggery Pleasant sub-site. It is here that details about the rest of the series and their publication dates, their cover designs and their prices, will probably be posted, so be sure to check back there every-so-often to see if there have been any developments. It’s probably a good idea to follow Derek Landy on Twitter, too, as he posts regularly on there and hasn’t used his official blog for over a year now.

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