Owl City (a.k.a. Adam Young) has announced via Twitter that a new track from his upcoming album Cinematic, titled ‘Lucid Dream’, will be available for purchase and streaming as of tomorrow. Three other tracks from the album, ‘All My Friends’, ‘Fiji Water’ and ‘The 5th of July’, have already been released as part of the ‘Reel 1’ preview pack, and this fourth song will join them in advertising the full album ahead of its global release on June 1st.

Owl City advertising his new album Cinematic

‘Lucid Dream’ is based on – you guessed it – a dream which Young had during his time writing the songs for Cinematic. While writing the album, Young says that he kept a dream journal by the side of his bed, and it was in this journal that he noted down the details of the dream. In a promotional video tweeted on his official Twitter account, Young states that it was ‘the best flying dream I’ve ever had’, and having felt that he just had to write about it, he used his dream journal notes to form the lyrics of what became to be known as ‘Lucid Dream’, and added it to the album. He hopes that its listeners will ‘want to close your eyes, drift off, and let your imagination carry you away’, and that it will inspire others to lose themselves in their dreams.

Lucid Dream

As an incentive to pre-order Cinematic, those who have already pre-ordered have been able to download all of the previously released ‘Reel 1’ tracks as soon as they have become available. As of tomorrow, this offer will also include ‘Lucid Dream’, so if you’re a big fan of Owl City and want to own his newest music before anyone else, you can place your pre-order via this link.

The ‘Reel 1’ tracks can also be listened to via that same link by selecting the streaming service of your choice, so even if you’re not looking to pre-order the album just yet, it’s worth having a look at what it has in store for you in June.

What do you think? Will you be listening to ‘Lucid Dream’ tomorrow? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out the album page for Cinematic over on the official Owl City website if you’re interested.