Nintendo announced over on their Facebook and Twitter pages today that a new multiplayer map, Shellendorf Institute, will be releasing in Splatoon 2 tomorrow morning on January 12th. Known as the ‘Devon Oceanographic Museum’ in Japan, this map is designed to look like a traditional public museum, featuring glass display cases, walk-in exhibits and even massive skeletal structures as part of its unique aesthetic.

From the promotional images released by Nintendo, Shellendorf Institute looks to be a funky-fresh new map for all Splatoon 2 Squid Kids to enjoy. Containing familiar Splatoon territorial features such as ink rails, barriers and those pesky metal grills, the map combines traditional architecture – such as huge glass windows and tall ceilings – with modern-day technology, making it a truly unique map in comparison to those we’ve seen before in Splatoon and Splatoon 2.

Shellendorf Institute had previously been showcased in an announcement video by Nintendo back in November, where they had also announced Clam Blitz (Splatoon 2s newest competitive mode), Salmonid Smokeyard (Salmon Run’s newest stage), and – of course – the multiplayer map MakoMart, which released shortly after the video’s release. As such, fans of Splatoon 2 have been wondering when Shellendorf Institute would release for a couple of months now, with many even calling for its immediate release in order to make the two-hourly map rotation even more diverse.

Shellendorf Institute’s release has, conveniently, fallen just prior to the upcoming #TeamAction VS. #TeamComedy Splatfest this Saturday (see our news post about it here), so players will have a couple of days before it begins to learn the map and practice their skills on it should it crop up during the Splatfest. An exact release time has not been specified for the map, so it will pretty much be a waiting game for us all to see when it arrives in-game, but whenever it arrives, we’re sure that it will be good.

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