Last week, the teams for Splatoon 2s first Splatfest of the year were announced by Nintendo in a tweet over on their @NintendoVS Twitter account. This time around, it’s #TeamAction VS. #TeamComedy in a battle of the film genres, and the action (no pun intended) is set to kick off this Saturday at 12pm BST.

The upcoming Splatfest is global in its topic, meaning that unlike in the previous few Splatfests where North America, Europe and Japan have all had different topics (e.g. the last set were #TeamSocks VS. #TeamSweaters for North America, #TeamFilm VS. #TeamBook in Europe, and – a most interesting choice – #TeamWarmInnerWear VS. #TeamWarmOuterWear for Japan), this Splatfest will unite the continents in a battle to find out which kinds of films are superior – action films or comedy films.


If you don’t play Splatoon 2 (and you really, really should), or if you simply don’t know what a Splatfest is, a Splatfest is a timed in-game event where two opposing teams of four players battle for their chosen team in an all-out Turf War. Fighting for glory and the chance to be crowned Splatfest champions, teams must endeavour to cover the most territory in their ink before time runs out. Victories earn the most points, contributing to your team’s overall Splatfest score, while defeats net your team only a few points – so strive for those wins!

Elusive Super Sea Snails are offered as prizes to those players who perform well and contribute significantly to their team’s success in the Splatfest, and the number you earn is entirely dependent on your Splatfest Title, which improves the more points you collect during the Splatfest. Splatfests typically last for 24 hours, and once those 24 hours are up, the Splatfest is over and the results are determined through the assessment of three categories: the popular vote, victories in individual matches, and victories in team matches. Whichever team wins the most categories wins the Splatfest, and all of the glory it holds for its players!


The Splatfest voting booth is already live and waiting in Splatoon 2′s square, so be sure to log into the game and choose your side. You’d be best doing this sooner rather than later, as remember, Splatfests are always the perfect opportunity to grind for Ability Chunks and high-class gear; Murch is willing – though we weren’t supposed to tell anyone, oops – to scrub your Splatfest Tee squeaky-clean for a mere 2,000 Cash.

There’s still plenty of time to get some practice in before the Splatfest starts, so be sure to hone your skills and take advantage of this amazing deal from Murch and grab yourself some bargain Chunks. The Splatfest will start at different times across different continents despite having a global theme, so be sure to check the starting and finishing times where you are and don’t miss out – and prepare to fight for your side and secure Splatfest glory!


Here at PixelTome, we’re rooting for #TeamAction this time around. Which side are you on? Tweet to us over at @PixelTomeUK or comment down below and let us know!